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Sam English would never describe himself in that timeworn phrase, “the tortured artist,” but he truly is -- or was. He spent the first 40 years of his life running from art, embracing alcoholism in his run from the creative. Sam has spent the first chapters of his life as an alcoholic, the later chapters -- the one of deep creativity -- as an artist and an activist in the healing work of the recovery movement.

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Coffeetable Book: Sam English – the Life, Work, and Times of an Artist

book cover Hot off the Press!

Sam English has wanted to put together a coffee table book of his art for many years. And Sam, being the creative artist he is, wanted this book to “be fun” for his readers, something they could enjoy looking at as they appreciated his art.

The book features more than 85 reproductions of this premiere artist’s poster prints. But, art, and artwork spanning this artist’s significant career of more than 30 years, is the focal point of the book. Its 160 color pages are filled with “the life and times” (and art!) of Sam English.

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